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House Additions are the most profitable investments in terms of return  for any home.
ADUs are a type of construction addition to a home, this type of service is typically purchased from a General Contractor to add rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms that typically have a separate locked entrance. We also have detached ADUs that belong to the same concept but with more separate spaces, for example, they are usually in the backyard, garage or cabin.
In legal terms, it is a lot that is attached to an existing family lot. It is not a separate property, however it is a great added value to your property. In financial terms, this is a profitable and durable investment over time since it does not depreciate, but on the contrary, it gives more value to your property.

ADU Home Builders - Accessory Dwelling Units Key Benefits

Although it is a considerable investment, it will always be more affordable to add spaces to your house instead of acquiring a new property, and yours will have a higher value in your home in case you want to sell your house in the future. Wherever you see it, it is a beneficial investment. 

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Creating a new space for your home is one of the best investments you can make, and at My Contractor U.S. We take care of your investments as if it were ours.